It's always all about you


no, really!

You deserve the best darn design experience possible.

Ok, but what does that mean exactly?

Throughout my career (design and otherwise), I've always placed a large value on providing excellent customer service.  After all, without customers (specifically happy ones), there is no business. So I decided to make the customer service experience here at Pretty Creative Studio a priority; ultimately all that means is:

  • An open, collaborative and personal approach

  • Simple and straightforward processes

  • Strong attention to the fine details

  • Candid and timely communication 

  • Custom design that is professional, compelling and unique to your business

It's nothing fancy - in fact, it's pretty basic but that's really what good customer service boils down to.  I want to ensure you have a satisfying, stress-free experience coupled with design that you'll absolutely love.  That way you can focus on the critical things -  like running your business!


have a knack for details?  keep scrolling for my breakdown of my brand identity design and squarespace design processes!


tell me about

brand identity design

your brand is the unique identity your business portrays to the world


It includes:

  • your product or service

  • who your customers are and what they think of your business

  • your business goals and strategies

It’s also composed of your brand identity - visual elements such as your logo, colour palette, typography. And that’s where I come in. I’m here to work with you to create a brand identity that is a visual representation of all the components that make up your brand - one that speaks to the image you want to convey and the customers you want to appeal to and attract.

Prior to working with me, you should have a good understanding of your business including your product, (ideal) customers, competition, and short and long-term goals. Why is this important? Because:

You need to know who you are (and aren't!) before you can become who you are meant to be

While all the steps in the design process are important, one that is particularly critical is my mandatory design questionnaire. It's a series of questions that helps me get to know you, your biz and your design preferences; it’s a required step in the process because your design won’t be successful without it - and neither will your business!

Questions about brand identity design?

I’d love to answer them, give you a free consultation and prove to you how I can help you take your brand from meh to wow!


i’m curious about

squarespace design


what is squarespace?

Squarespace is a unique website building and hosting platform; it offers templates that are fully customizable, mobile-friendly, exceptionally user-friendly and complete with 24/7 support.  I build websites via Squarespace because I love the experience it offers my clients.  I can build you a customized, professional website in a matter of weeks that you can maintain yourself - no need to come back to me if you need a page updated (unless you choose to of course!).

It's important to note that Squarespace is a subscription-based service - you can either pay monthly or annually.  For more information on their plans, click here.

a website that speaks to your customers

Let’s be honest, it’s 2018 - you need a website for your business. In fact, you need more than that. You need a unique, professional online presence that tells your unique story, attracts and captivates your key customers and offers them a seamless user experience.


I can do that for you!

It’s time - your business deserves it’s own special place on the web. Let’s work together to design something that you can be proud of!