nice to meet you!


I'm Nicole

designer. dog mom. introvert. kate spade lover

a few facts about me:

Home is: Calgary, Alberta, Canada

In my spare time I: Hang out with my husband and pooch Maggie; travel, cook and read

Favourite travel spot: Hawaii (any of the islands!)

3 words to describe my design style: Feminine, colourful and timeless

I wish I could: Communicate in memes and gifs in real life

I never outgrew: My dislike for vegetables (4-year old at heart)

My favourite animals are: Dogs but goats are very close behind


my path to design

From a young age, I had a strong creative streak with outlets that included (and still include) creative writing, crafting, dramatic arts and blogging. It took me a while to learn that a career in a creative field, specifically graphic design, is where I was truly meant to be!

Prior to obtaining my certificate in Graphic Design and starting my online studio, I spent over a decade in a corporate environment working in the field of Human Resources, specifically Recruiting. While you may question how the two fields relate, they aren’t as different as you may think! Much of my skillset was directly transferrable over to the design field including my active listening and customer service skills and a strong attention to detail.

my design style

I've always had a love for everything feminine and girly; Kate Spade is my design icon and I don't feel you can ever go wrong with touches of rose gold and sparkle. I love colour and I'm not afraid to use it - both in my designs and in real life. Do know that while the above is my design aesthetic, my job is to create for you! As my client, you can expect design that is reflective of your brand's personality, values and style and simultaneously establishing a unique presence that separates you from the rest.

Are we a match?  Wanna work together? 

I'd love to work with you!


Meet Maggie

director of goodwill (DOG)


  • cheese

  • hogging the bed

  • humans


  • thunderstorms

  • car rides

  • other dogs


Maggie is my 12 year old, Bichon/ShihTzu/Toy Poodle (3-in-one!) and the Director of Goodwill at Pretty Creative Studio.  Maggie has some very important duties around here including but not limited to: taking naps, looking cute, and barking at passersby. Occasionally she puts her paw of approval on a design or two but is mostly concerned about getting out for her daily walk and finding the coziest seat in the house.  She only asks to be paid in cookies and belly rubs so I guess we'll keep her around.

have a question for Maggie? send her an email!